I’ve been living with diabetic neuropathy for the past 15 years. My feet were constantly hurting; felt like I was walking on pins and needles, and marbles. After my first treatment with Dr. Stoehr, my Acupuncturist, the relief was amazing and some parts he treated were instantaneous. Suffering for years with this infliction, I was greatly surprised at the results. I would recommend this type of treatment for those who suffer from neuropathy, what do you have to lose, but the pain. Plus there have been other added benefits from the acupuncture. I am very indebted to Mark for his understanding and guidance.
— Dale L. Dover, Delaware
My sciatica and back pain was cured after the first treatment!!!!!!!!!!
— Judy B. Ocean City, Maryland
I came into see Dr. Mark Stoehr for acupuncture and herbal medicine after I endured a case of shingles which left me with trigeminal neuralgia. He has provided me with the most compassionate and caring service since our first meeting together. He always takes time to listen to me and gives me time to talk, which is something I have not encountered with any of my other health care practitioners. He inserts the needles with absolutely no pain and always works with a great deal of confidence. My pain has decreased from a 11 (on a 1 to 10 scale) to a 1 (on a 1 to 10 scale) and my life has totally changed for the better!
— Regina L. Berlin, Maryland
I have been a patient of Dr. Stoehr’s receiving acupuncture treatments since June of 2009. I have had dozens of sessions with Mark. Mark has always expressed true compassion and understanding before, during and after the treatments, so as to make me feel comfortable with the procedures and to answer any questions that I posed. He is highly skilled at his trade, and freely offers other related recommendations for improvement of my overall well being. The results I have experienced from Mark’s treatments have been impressive. I would highly recommend Mark to my associates and any new patients looking to pursue acupuncture treatment.
— Rick F. Columbia, Maryland